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Flexible Backups tailored for your needs. Choose between Provider Snapshots, Database Backups & File Backups.

Provider Snapshots

Keep your cloud servers safe with Daily to Hourly native snaphots. Schedule the backup snapshots as frequently as you want.

Database Backups

Keep your MySQL and PostgreSQL databases safe with our worry-free solution. Schedule up to every 5 minutes backups.

File Backups

Using a cloud provider not supported, or you have a dedicated server? Backup files from any server that has SSH enabled.

Up to 250GB of Storage

We offer up to 250GB of storage for Database & File backups. Connect your own account for unlimted storage.

Backup any kind of web application. can be used to backup any kind of web application.


Different types of backups.

All under the same roof.

Provider Snapshots

Backup your DigitalOcean, AWS, Hetzner, GCP, OVH, Scaleway, Alibaba Cloud, UpCloud, and Exoscale cloud servers using provider snapshots.

The backups are securely stored inside the infrastructure of the cloud provider, making the recover process a breeze.


Database Backups

Worry-free, up to every 5 minutes backups for MySQL and PostgreSQL with 5GB, 25GB or 250GB of included storage.

Connect your own account (S3, Wasabi, DigitalOcean, Backblaze) for unlimited storage.


File Backups

Schedule worry-free, up to every 5 minutes backups and keep your server files safe.

File Backups are recommended when your server is not hosted by one of the 10 cloud providers we support, or when you want to backup only individual files, not the whole server.


Bring your own Storage

In case you don't want to use the storage included in your plan, you can always connect your own AWS S3, Wasabi, DigitalOcean, Backblaze B2 account and your backups won't even pass by our storage.


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Drop us an email at in order to discuss and implement a backup strategy tailored for your needs.

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