Hourly to Daily DigitalOcean backups made simple and flexible.

Schedule more frequent and worry-free DigitalOcean backups for your Droplets & Volumes.

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Flexible DigitalOcean Backups tailored for your needs.

Frequent backups

Keep your Droplets & Volumes safe with DigitalOcean Daily to Hourly Backups. Schedule the backup snapshots as frequently as you want.

Archived backups

Easy and powerful backup retention that will reduce the costs with your cloud provider while still having access to your most important backups.

Fast recovery

When the worst happens, you will be able to quickly spin up a new droplet from any of your DigitalOcean snapshots and get back online.

Powerful & easy backup settings

With our simple, yet powerful backup settings you can easily configure when the backups should be taken and for how long we should keep them.

Backup your Droplets & Volumes as frequently as you need.


Connect multiple accounts

Do you have more than one DigitalOcean account? No problem! You can easily connect as many DigitalOcean accounts as you may need.

This applies to other providers as well.


Cloudlets overview & auto-discovery

View all the snapshots of a Droplet or Volume, filter by status, tags and manually create or delete each one of them.

Additionally, when a new Droplet or Volume is created, it will be automatically imported and backups will start based on your configured settings.


Multi-Region replication

Weap.io allows you to replicate your backup snapshots across multiple DigitalOcean regions. Remember, DigitalOcean doesn't charge you more for snapshots stored on multiple regions.


Frequently asked questions

If you have other questions, feel free to reach us out.

What is a Cloudlet?

A Cloudlet is a DigitalOcean Droplet or Volume for which Weap.io will create backup snapshots.

How many snapshots can I create?

As many as you need! We don't limit the number of backup snapshots you create.

How much does DigitalOcean charge?

Since snapshots are securely stored inside DigitalOcean's infrastructure, they will charge you 0.05$/GB/month. This is cheaper than paying 20% of the Droplet price for weekly backups.

Can I try Weap for free?

Of course! There is no credit card required and you get access to all our great features for a period of 14 days! After that, it's your choice to use Weap.io further or just stop.

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